Who We Are

Vita Nuda is a movement to promote the benefits of going clothes-free among the younger generations around the world!

What We Do

We are a group of young naturists who want to hang out and party the best way that we know how… Naked! We want to create a fun atmosphere where like-minded individuals can get together, have a good time, and meet new people.

What We Believe In

We believe that respect for yourself and your body is achieved, not by hiding yourself away behind layers of clothing and distracting make up, but by revealing the real you.

The clothes we wear are just costumes that we try to live into day-in and day-out. Think about it? Don’t you act differently when you are in your work uniform than when you are in your casual clothes? Don’t you tend to act differently when you’re dressed for a night out in the town than when you’re in your swimsuit heading to the pool? These costumes we wear create different personas that we try to live into. For once, we offer a place where you can simply be… you. 

Vita Nuda creates events where you don’t have to worry about trying not to look dumb, look smart, look sexy, or look like you belong. You simply have to look like yourself and have a good time. Nudity creates a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can be honest with themselves and with others, which has the great side effect of creating truly genuine conversations and encounters with strangers; where you get to know people for who they really are.

You don’t have to be a nudist to enjoy the nude lifestyle, either. You can come and be a nudist for a weekend, a nudist for a day, or not a nudist at all. You could just be someone who likes to party naked. We won’t judge ;)

Where We Came From

Vita Nuda (latin for 'new nude life') is a network of young adult nudists that was formed in 2007 from an idea that emerged during that summer's AANR Youth Ambassadors Program. What started out as a simple idea in central Florida became the spark that would grow into the young adult nudist movement that is sweeping across the globe. We are  involving various groups and over 1,000 young adult nudists all around the world!!

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." ~Victor Hugo

Join the Nude Revolution!!