Vita Nuda Northwest is the newest chapter of Vita Nuda. It contains the ever beautiful Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and we'll throw in some of Canada just to say that we are the only international chapter. Booyah!

Chapter Leaders

Meet Chris and Carol!

Chris and Carol
Vita Nuda Northwest

About us:

We have been participating in nudism for the past 5 years through almost every organization in existence. We discovered nudism together as a way to relax and be free from the cares of our daily lives. Nudity is the great equalizer. It removes all of your daily stresses and places us all back to our most basic and simple expression of ourselves.

Being a part of the young nudist movement has been a fantastic experience that has led to some of the closest friends that we have, and even after moving across the country we still keep in touch and go to visit the amazing people that we met over those weekends in Florida.  Now that we are in the great cold north we knew that we had to do our best to bring others into the experience that had such an amazing impact on our lives.

Where are we?


  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Lower British Columbia



Our Regular Hangouts

Fraternity Snoqualmie
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Howell Beach Park
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